The Beach Meadow
Køge Kyst Building Plot SH1-1
2015 - 2017

Ur­ban hous­ing with sea­side qual­i­ties

First development on Southern Harbor district

‘Strandengen’ (The Beach Meadow) is the first area to be developed in the new Southern Harbour district of Køge. The project comprises a total of 43 units in a U-shaped block organized around a courtyard. Here, on the area’s southernmost building plot, residents live in the midst of contemporary architecture, close to the medieval urban centre, while enjoying great views across the harbour, the beach meadows and
the bay of Køge.

The majority of the flats are designed as family homes with three or four rooms. Generous spaces receive daylight from two sides, which has made it possible to use the same basic layout regardless of the unit’s orientation. All flats have access to sunlit balconies that either are connected to the living room or to
the kitchen and dining room.

Vandkunsten has developed the district's local plan for Køge Kyst P/S and, in addition, a quality programme in the form of an urban design manual for investors that stipulates principles for varying building heights and spatial qualities. For this plot, the number of floors varies from three to seven – the lowest face towards the west and the highest towards the east, where most flats will benefit from the view and the sun.

Dark brick, golden details and green roofs

The dark brick of the facade makes a contrast to the twisting geometry of the building and its variations in building heights. It also enhances the golden windows, terraces and railing, which are made of el-oxidized aluminium. The roofs are green with sedum plants, and here rain water is collected for percolation. The waters’ way from roof to ground is not hidden, but led in open canals used as design elements, which contributes to the courtyard environment. The canals follow the inner geometry of the building and culminates in the opening towards the beach meadow.


Ground floor flats have access to private terraces facing the courtyard or the street. The terraces have been positioned a few steps above the surrounding building edge and function as an extension of its concrete base.

Project facts


Project name: The Beach Meadow


Client: Arkitektgruppen A/S

Location: Køge Kyst Building Plot SH1-1

Gross area: 4,500

Date: 2015 - 2017

Status: Finished

Number of units: 43

Cost of construction: -


Program: Owner occupied flats

Activity: Architecture

Job type: Commision

Construction system: Prefabricated concrete slabs. Facade from dark clay bricks and windows, balconies, and railings from gold-anodized aluminium

Contact: Flemming Ibsen,

Project group: Kristian Svejborg, Kristian Westh


Architect: Vandkunsten

Landscape: Vandkunsten

Engineer: Henry Jensen A/S

Contractor: Arkitektgruppen A/S

Consultant: Wissenberg A/S (fire concerns)