Helios Film- and Culture House
2012 - 2016

A home for the cul­tural scene of Faaborg

Filmhouse expanded with a civic centre

With local enthusiasm and years of preparation the munincipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn launched an ambitious competition for a civic centre that would add cultural programs to the existing cinema. Vandkunsten Architects won the competition in 2012.

The main entrance to the building complex is through the slightly elevated square facing the train station

The project is built using solid wood construction. It has been executed in collaboration with the local company C&W Architects and Henry Jensen Engineers.

Our façade made from polycarbonate caused a stir in Faaborg. The plastic is beautifully brought to life by the beautiful light installations behind the façade. The installation by artist Emil Salto will surely melt all cold hearts. It is pure magic. Congratulations to Faaborg!

Plywood lines the building

Torben runs the new café. The house is an L-shaped building that snugs around the existing main theater. It replaces the existing lobby with a new and larger one as well as several flexible spaces.

Light installation integrated in the facade

Find yourself an evening – not too cold – and follow how the light integrated in the façade. It changes dependent on the weather and on what is on inside the building. The National Art Foundation has granted DKK 1.5 mio to the art piece.

The solid wood structure is visible behind the polycarbonate facade

Project facts


Project name: Helios Film- and Culture House

Category:Culture & Institutions

Client: Faaborg–Midtfyn Munincipality

Location: Faaborg

Gross area: 900

Date: 2012 - 2016

Status: Finished

Cost of construction: DKK 11 mio.


Program: Civic house and movie theater

Activity: Addition, renovation

Job type: 1. prize in competition

Construction system: Load-bearing solid wood.

Contact: Søren Nielsen, sn@vandkunst.dk

Project group: Jan Albrechtsen, Kim Dalgaard, Pernille Schyum Poulsen, Thomas Nybo Rasmussen


Architect: Vandkunsten med C&W Arkitekter (projektering)

Landscape: Vandkunsten

Engineer: Henry Jensen A/S

Consultant: Kunstner Emil Salto (støtte af Statens Kunstfond)