Eco-Village Co-housing Concept and Masterplans


Liv­ing to­gether in mod­ern co-hous­ing

Eco Village Co-Housing Concept

A start-up approached Vandkunsten Architects with a vision to create a series of modern co-housing villages with plenty of shared facilities, and community feeling.

Vandkunsten has developed a comprehensive building system and a series of site-specific master plans for the client. The cohousing concept offers endless variations on a theme and the different spatial-unit designs are used as an architectural tool for providing variation in the village and flexibility for its inhabitants. The formal design creates a separate identity and adds new spatial qualities to the houses. The buildings themselves and life within them promote a special concept for the community.

Eco-Villages are currently under development in Lejre, Albertslund and Ørestad.

The Eco-Village concept consists of small, compact living units with small front gardens – put together as row houses on a shared lot. The architectural concept is realized through the usage of affordable box modules

A generous influx of light is ensured by the building depth of no more than 7.5 metres.

Extra rooms can be added to this basic module and be combined to form a variety of layouts to satisfy different needs: from the tiny micro-unit – intended as student digs, single-parent homes, or senior residences – to the largest unit of 125m2, with enough space for several play rooms and nurseries.

12% of the built floor space is shared, in the form of a large community house and several smaller facilities distributed across the development. These can be used as music rooms and workshops, teenage dens and tool sheds

Site Plan for Eco-Village in Lejre

Site Plan for the Værløse proposal

Site Plan for the Stenløse proposal

Everybody has direct access to the wild garden in the Lejre project

Project facts


Project name: Eco-Village Co-housing Concept and Masterplans

Category:Co-Housing, Housing, Planning

Client: Eco-Village

Date: 2015

Status: Under development - currently in Lejre, Ørestad, and Roskilde


Program: Housing and community

Activity: Concept development and masterplans

Job type: Commision

Construction system: Wood based prefabricated box units

Contact: Jan Albrechtsen,

Project group: Casper Phillip Ebbesen, Emil Bruun Meyer, Rikke Møller Andersen, Thomas Nybo Rasmussen, Pernille Schyum Poulsen, Camilla Libonati, Nick Dyhr, Pauline Faaborg