2013 - 2014


Energy renovation in Borgergade

The property in Borgergade replaced an entire block when it was constructed under the occupation of 1940 – 45. The architect behind the building was Thorvald Dreyer, and it was built using reinforced concrete and bricks to endure the heavy loads of the craftsmen who initially inhabited the building. Today, the building mainly comprise offices, and with time and change of function, new needs called for a renovation.



Vandkunsten, together with Wissenberg a/s engineers, was employed by Kavi Invest a/s and Dreyers Fond to execute a comprehensive renovation of their property on Borgergade.

Process design

The building was to appear as finished at all times, therefore a large part of the challenge of the design was to plan the interventions in a way where they could be executed independently on each other.

The different stages include
+ establishing two new recessed penthouse floors for commercial purposes
+ expansion and renovation of the shop areas on the ground floor
+ new design of Borgergades road profile in collaboration with Copenhagen municipality
+ renovation of the facades including added insulation, new windows and external sun shading

Borgergade was nominated for the RENOVER prize 2017

Project facts


Project name: Borgergade

Category:Commercial, Renovation

Client: Dreyerfonden og Kavi Invest

Location: Copenhagen

Gross area: 7,500

Date: 2013 - 2014

Status: Finished

Cost of construction: DKK 34,500,000


Program: Offices

Activity: Energy renovation and conversion

Contact: Jan Albrechtsen,

Project group: Sigurd Vinde Akselsen