Bloc B4 is the first housing bloc of 23 residential buildings in Gellerup that over the next many years will be renovated.
Jury member Professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture Tom Nielsen highlights that our proposal, The Port of Gellerup, has the qualities of becoming a potential icon, not only in the area of Gellerup – but also in Aarhus. We hope it to be the breaking point to a different future of Gellerup, as he also states.

The Gellerup Housing Scheme from 1972 is the largest non-profit housing development in the nation. It is undergoing a drastic renovation over the coming decades. The Scheme was originally inspired by modernist thinking of a place where one could live during all stages of life. Currently the scheme is officially on the national ‘ghetto list’ and has social as well as technical challenges.

The competition is about the architectural qualities and economic buildability of a large hole in the facade – to symbolize a new connection to the housing scheme.