The Tornhøj connection has been recognized among the best architecture in the City of Aalborg. The recently inaugurated project marks a central part of the transformation of the urban area of Tornhøj in Aalborg East. It is changing from a socially somewhat challenged social housing area to a lively suburban center with more places to meet, shop, and with increased diversity to the housing supply.

The Tornhøj connection was once an eerie tunnel under a busy road. It has been replaced with a light bridge over the Astrup pathway to establish a light and safe connection between the neighborhoods on each side. On the North-Western side is set of landscape steps that work as a hang out and access.

The project was designed by Vandkunsten Architects with Marianne Levinsen Landscape Architects. Lighting design for the path and the stage is developed with Kongshaug. The construction has been underway since 2017. The project has been financed by the City of Aalborg and Realdania.